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Salsa Bachata lessons Miami c'est essentiellement un club- école amical où tout le monde, danseur débutant ou confirmé, se réunit pour apprendre les danses latines dans une atmosphère conviviale. Les différents styles de salsa, cubaine, porto-ricaine, colombienne, ainsi que les autres danses latines comme la bachata, le merengue, le Cha cha cha... y sont enseignées par des professeurs de renommée internationale.


Best of Times Dance Studio can help you make your First Dance as husband and wife unforgettable. We offer private lessons for couples preparing for that special day and are happy to customize a wedding program that will fit your needs.
  From custom choreography to private lesson time that fits into your own busy schedule. Best of Times is happy to take care of everything that will ensure you enjoy every second of your First Dance.

Contact  305-269-0335 - Toll Free Numbers 1-888-214-8568

6255 SW 8th Street Miami, Florida 33144 


Beginner salsa course is designed for:
– Absolute beginners who have never danced before or who consider
themselves to have 2 left feet.
– For people who have taken salsa classes in the past and who are not sure
or have forgotten their fundamental steps
– For people who want to practice their basic steps
– For people going to vacation to Latin American countries and want to have
basic knowledge of Latin dancing

EVERYBODY IS WELCOME! We want everybody to learn and have fun in a friendly atmosphere.

You will learn:
– Your basic dance step and variations including Cucaracha, Cumbia, Cross Over steps;
– Cross body lead and basic turns including:
Spot turn, Traveling turns, Back Spot turn, Inside turn;
– How to connect with your partner;
– How to find and hear the salsa beat; dance to the beat;
– How to Lead (men)
– How to Follow (women)

Intermediate Salsa level 1

Beginner Salsa course most be completed. Approval from instructors required to take Intermediate level 1.

You will learn:
-New combinations every session
– Reverse turn, Double turns and Free spinning;
– Cross Body lead variations;
– Basic, Intermediate patterns and combining those patterns;
– More connection and leading & following exercises;
– How to understand music, counts, syncopations and accents.

Intermediate Salsa Level 2

Ongoing Salsa classes with more challenging patterns,
spicy moves & spins. Class is for those who are at the Intermediate/advance level.
(Approval from instructors required). Salsa has many patterns, combinations, variations. We recommend to take 3 to 4 intermediate salsa courses before taking Salsa intermediate level 2.


You will learn:
– Your basic dance step
– How to connect with your partner
– How to find and hear the Bachata beat; dance to the beat
– Connection: leading & following
– Turns; patterns
– Cool Bachata moves!


Latin Crash Workshops: Cumbia & Merengue

Introduction to Cumbia and Merengue.
Wherever you go in Latin America: Cuba, Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, etc;
they locals love this music styles. We will teach basic steps and turns of
these very popular Latin dances, cool moves, turns and patterns; so you can blend in!
These workshop are great for people who want to have understanding and moves of these
fun Latin dances. Excellent source of dance techniques for beginners and average dancers.



This class is Great for beginners (no experience needed),and excellent source of review for experienced dancers.

You will learn:
– Your basic dance step
– How to connect with your partner
– How to find and hear the cha-cha-cha beat; dance to the beat
– Connection: leading & following
– Turns; patterns
– How to transition Salsa moves to Cha-Cha-Cha moves
– Cool Cha-Cha-Cha moves!

Salsa training for experienced dancers & actors in Miami

We offer dance training to experience dancers from other dance fields. Basic, patterns, leading & following techniques of Salsa dancing, connection to partner & to music, variations and patterns, dips, tricks. We can help with transition to LA Style Salsa from other Salsa styles such as New York Salsa (a.k.a. On 2), Colombian style Salsa, Cuban & Rueda de Casino; Latin Dances such as Cha-cha-cha, Rumba, Swing, Jive and other forms of Ballroom dancing. Our goal is to help you to enrich your style so you can apply it for shows, performances, auditions, movies, stage and more… Be prepared! We provide you with training, techniques and spice!






BEST OF TIMES Short-Term Event Rentals for  Private lessons Rehearsals,  workshops Classes pratice. etc.

BEST OF TIEMS DANCE STUDIO 4,500 square foot is located in the heart of Miami Florida USA. the studio and its dance rooms are available for short-term rental at very reasonable rates.

Our dance center can easily be configured for everything from small parties to events for up to 200 people (auditions, conferences, rehearsals, birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, wedding etc).

We cater to Community groups, Arts & Educational organizations, along with Commercial rentals, all subject to the Center's availability and approval. BEST OF TIMES DANCE STUDIO has 3 rooms ample parking available.

Room Rentals are available seven days a week

Mon-Fri 7am-7:00pm & 10:00pm-All nigth
Sat 7am-1:30pm
Sun 7am-1:30pm

All Tree studios are equipped with

  • Wood Sprung Floating Dance floors
  • Profesional sound systems Micros
  • Mirrors & Ballet Barres

Rent Studio Space for

  • Meetings/Conferences
  • Play / Theater Rehearsals
  • Company Dance Rehearsal
  • Yoga Workshops
  • Acting
  • Photo Shoot
  • Book Signings
  • Art Exhibits
  • Unique Meeting Place
  • Fundraising Events
  • Audition
  • Unique receptions
  • Massage Therapy Workshops
  • Dance parties
  • Theatre rehearsals and events
  • Special performances
  • Readings & Speakers
  • Private Lessons
  • Workshops
  • Birthdays, Showers, Anniversary Parties
  • or any gathering of your own design.

Included with Room Rental

  • Use of the space
  • Use of Stereo, IPod/MP3 Compatible
  • Mirrors/Ballet Barres
  • Use of Restrooms,
  • Use of Lights, Heating, Air Conditioning

NOT Included with Room Rental

  • Front Desk Staff (available for additional fee $20/hour)
  • Supervision/Coordinator (available for additional fee $25/hour)
  • Liability (certificate of insurance required)

Rental Rates / Fees

Rental rates vary from $15 to $100 per hour (depending on the room size & type of event).
Student Rate $15/hr (University or High School Students)
Meetings/Conferences $35/hr  
Rehearsals $35/hr  
Classes $20/hr (Yoga, Pilates, Massage Workshops, Theater, etc...)
Auditions $50/hr  
Workshops $75/hr (Workshops or convention where a participation fee is charged)
Large Event $100/hr (Large event, Wedding Shower, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, etc...)

Studio rentals may be back to back with another rental. Therefore rental times must be respected. Additional time used after the official end of a rental will be pro-rated and billed to the renter.
  • Additional Time pro-rated per ½ hour over scheduled event time

Fees are based on

  • Rental rates
  • Provided services
  • Labor costs
  • Cleaning costs
  • Security fees
  • Additional staff
  • Heating/Cooling & electrical
  • Overtime

Dance Room Dimensions

Room Assignment


Square Footage

Maximum # of People

Studio 1

50' x 60'

3.000 sq ft

up to 200 people

Studio 2

99' x 20'

1980 sq ft

up to 50 people

Studio 3

15' x 15'

225 sq ft

up to 30 people


30' x 46'

1,380 sq ft

up to 40 people

Party Extras

Banquet Tables Round $5 ea
Chairs confortable $0.50 ea
Entertainers dancers $100 per hour, per entertainer
Photographer $150 per hour
Videographer $150 per hour
Balloons/Decorations please call
DJ $150 all nigth
Latin Hot meals $13 For person
Drinks Call Please

Booking and Payment Policies

  • Space may be booked by phone or in person.
  • 50% Payment is required at time of booking.
  • Full Payment must be received before gaining access to the rented space.
  • Renter must cancel one week prior to the event in order to receive full refund or credit (credit valid for future rentals within the next 6 months).
  • Rentals require a signed contract and refundable security deposit of $75.
  • A signed contract / rental agreement is required.